Monday, May 7, 2007


My best friend in high school, KC, and I both played football and during our senior year he was dating a cheerleader. When we had out of town games, the entire team along with the support crew and cheerleaders, would all ride to the game together in a school bus. After one particular game on the way home, my buddy, his girlfriend and I were sitting in the last row on the bus. I was in a seat by myself and they were across the aisle sitting together.

Everyone was in a good mood, we'd won the game and most of the people ahead of us were all laughing and chatting noisily. It seemed like everyone was talking at once and I was having a good time watching. In the middle of the chaos, I glanced over and said something to KC. He ignored me. To get his attention, I leaned over and punched him in the arm... hard!

After another moment of ignoring me, he slowly turned and gave me a sharp look. I was confused until he motioned for me to look down. When I dropped my eyes, I noticed he had his letter jacket across his lap. He lifted it just enough for me to see there was a hand pumping his hard cock under the jacket. His girlfriend was giving him a handjob! Damn! I got hard instantly!

I felt panic sweep over me and quickly looked up to see if anyone was noticing. No on was. They were all too busy talking about the game. When I glanced back over, he'd lowered the jacket and was staring straight ahead. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and every so often I'd see the jacket move as his cock got stroked beneath it. Eventually his mouth opened and he leaned back bracing one hand on the seat in front of him and I knew he was shooting his load. He didn't make any noise but I saw his mouth forming a silent groan and his eyes closed for a couple of moments as he finished emptying his nuts into the jacket.

After they finished, he reached under the coat and tucked his cock back in his pants and rolled up the jacket. He glanced over at me and smiled then leaned over and gave his girlfriend a long kiss. That night, in bed, I fantasized about my buddy and jacked off several times.

That incident also left me with some serious fantasies about playing around with him. I have a couple more stories about him, but will save those for the future.


Christopher said...

I'll be right back...need to excuse myself to go to the restroom, take care of er, something!

Scott said...

sex is a reaction, be a instantiation

Donnie said...

That's a hot story. Thanks for sharing it.