Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out Of The Closet

This happened while I was a senior in high school and pretty much marks the moment I came out of the closet. I dated girls all through high school (yes, I even fucked a few!) and kept my fantasies about other guys a total secret.

My best friend was a dude named KC. We played sports together in school, double dated a lot, and he even taught me how to drink (although I was never wild about it.) KC was a total maniac. He loved to party, drive fast and reckless, get into all kinds of mischief, and he LOVED to fuck pussy.

Always looking for someone to buy alcohol for him, KC had met a guy by the name of Michael outside a liquor store one night. Michael had been happy to help him out and they actually ended up becoming casual friends. Michael was 21 years old and a college student. It wasn't long before KC found himself invited to several college parties and, soon after, I was hearing about all the college pussy he was getting.

Not long after that, KC and I were hanging out in his room one night, doing homework, when he talked about wanting to get some liquor. I didn't want any but he was determined to get smashed. A little jealous of his new "friendship" with Michael, I made a sarcastic remark, "I guess you'd better call your booze buddy, Michael."

KC informed me that Michael was NOT his buddy. He tried to change the subject but I hounded him to tell me what had happened between him and his 'new' buddy. He gave me a look and said, "He's a fag."

What a shock and not at all what I'd been expecting him to say! Suddenly, even more interested, I pressed him for details. Apparently, at one of their big college parties, while they were both wasted, Michael had asked KC if he wanted to go someplace and fool around. I'll never forget the look on KC's face when he told me, "The dude wanted to suck my dick. "

KC didn't know it, but (secretly) so did I. Smile. Now, although he didn't like hanging out with Michael anymore, the "fag" was his only ticket to attend college parties (where he could fuck drunk college pussy) so he forced himself to remain just friendly enough with Michael to keep getting invited to the parties.

Of course, the problem with remaining friendly with Michael is that he took it as a sign that, deep down, KC was interested in fooling around with him. At parties, he'd follow KC around like a love sick puppy. It drove KC absolutely nuts because he couldn't do any serious tail chasing with Michael constantly standing right beside him. That's when, somehow, KC managed to talk me into going with him to a party one night.

I'd met Michael on several occasions and although I didn't like being played by KC just so he could get some pussy, I secretly didn't mind the idea of getting to spend time with Michael. He was tall, slender, had blonde hair and blue eyes, a nice smile and was very outgoing and friendly. Besides that, I'd sneaked a few peeks at his crotch and it looked like he had a pretty nice one.

The party was at some dude's house whose parents were out of town. It was a big, two story colonial, with lots of bedrooms, lots of bathrooms and that night, lots of loud music and drunk college kids. Keeping Michael away from KC proved more difficult than I'd anticipated and I found myself having to play the ace up my sleeve. It was a big risk but after prying Michael away from KC for a few minutes, I got him in a somewhat secluded corner and said, "KC told me that you like to do things with other dudes."

A look of panic flashed across his face for a split second but seeing I wasn't being confrontational, it disappeared and his eyes dropped to my crotch for a brief moment. Glancing back up he said, "Sometimes. Why, do you?" Scared half out of my wits, I stammered, "Sometimes." He gave me a half smile, then said, "Sometimes... like tonight? "

We stood in that corner and talked for quite a while until he finally asked, "Do you feel like... going somewhere?" Suddenly wondering what I was getting myself into, I stammered, "Like where?" He glanced to his right, up the long staircase to the second floor and smiled, "I bet we could find someplace private."

Ten minutes later I was standing in a small bathroom, off the parent's bedroom, with my jeans around my knees and Michael sucking my cock. I was scared and incredibly turned on all at the same time and found myself grabbing Michael's head and hornily thrusting my rock hard bone into his mouth. Michael fought not to gag as I eagerly fucked his throat. Finally pulling off, he stood up, wiping drool from his mouth, and said, "We don't have to hurry. The door's locked, and no one is supposed to even be in his parent's room. So let's slow down a little, okay?"

Although I hadn't been trying to hurry (just horny,) I said "okay" and let him snuggle against me and kiss my neck. I rubbed his stiff cock through his pants (which was rock hard and sticking out like crazy) as he worked his way up to my mouth. I'd never been kissed by another dude before but I found myself sucking on his tongue as it slipped into my mouth. He groaned and closed his arms around my waist, and I could feel my hard cock rubbing against his as we made out for a few minutes.

Scared but excited, I slowly pulled free and looked down as I unfastened his belt and undid his jeans. The moment they were unzipped, his stiff boner pushed out bulging through his boxers and I carefully let his jeans slide to his knees. He kissed me again before I slid the boxers down, freeing his hard, thick cock and then closed a hand around it. It was about 7 inches long, quite thick, very smooth and had a slight curve to the right. It was surrounded by whispy blonde hair and I thought it was the most beautiful dick I'd ever seen.

After another long kiss, I slowly eased him back and dropped to my knees. I began by lifting his stiff dick and slowly tonguing his big nuts. They were soft and warm and I let my mouth move over them, licking and gently sucking each one. Michael was holding his shirt up, out of the way, and let out a small sigh as I nursed on his smooth balls.

Anxious to try sucking on a dick, I finally slid my tongue up the thick ridge along the bottom of his shaft until my mouth closed on his head. It felt amazing in my mouth, soft and smooth, yet rigid and firm all at the same time. I let the tip of my tongue slip into his piss slit for a moment before I couldn't resist sliding down to try and take his length. His cock was rock hard, and I was a little too eager, gagging several times as his head reached the back of my throat. Once again, he said, "Slow down, dude. Just take your time."

Feeling like an inexperienced idiot, I tried to heed his advice. Giving up on swallowing his entire bone, I began slowly stroking his horny dick with my mouth. He groaned quietly and said "that feels good." I reached down to play with his nuts and discovered they'd drawn up tightly under his cock. I fingered the thick tire tread across his snug balls as I worked on his meaty bone, pumping faster, anxious to make him cum.

After several minutes my jaw began to ache and I released him for a moment to rest my mouth. Not giving me a chance to return to my job, he coaxed me to my feet and buried his tongue in my mouth again. I felt his hand stroking my cock, looking down to see he was holding our stiff dicks together, slowly stroking them both with one hand. I'd never seen that before and seeing our hard cocks rubbing together, I felt the cum begin to churn in my nuts.

Scared to tell him I was about to shoot, I let him kiss me and tried not to think about our stiff dicks being stroked together. It didn't work. Unable to fight it, I pulled out of the kiss and warned him, "If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

He looked down at my horny dick then smiled and kissed me again as he continued stroking. I fought to hold it back as long as I could but it was beyond my control and I found myself suddenly moaning as cum blasted from my cock and shot all over his hip. He pulled back, smiling, and looked down as my dick flexed and jumped in his hand, streams of jizz spurting against him. He released his own cock and closed his hand around mine to milk the sperm from my nuts.

When he'd drained my load, he gave my dick one last pull, coaxing the final strings of cum onto his hand then carefully stepped to the sink and rinsed his hand off. He pulled a long sheet of bathroom tissue off the roll and wiped my cum off his leg then flushed it before dropping to his knees and sucking my dick clean. When he stood back up and kissed me, I could taste my cum in his mouth, and desperately wanted to suck on his dick some more.

I finally pulled away (he sure liked to kiss!) and slid down to my knees again as he leaned against the sink. His head was covered in precum and I let my tongue savor the taste as I licked it off and sank down on his hard shaft. Horny and anxious to get his nut, I felt Michael's hands on my head as he began slowly thrusting into my mouth. After a couple minutes, my jaw began to ache again and he whispered, "Don't try so hard. Just relax your mouth."

Following his instructions, I relaxed my jaw and lightly grasped his cock with my lips as he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts. Before long he was groaning quietly, "Yeah. That's it. Just a little more. "

A few seconds later I felt a shot of cum hit the back of my throat as he moaned and stopped thrusting. Within seconds I felt a second shot, then a third, and eagerly worked to swallow his thick, warm load. Before long my throat was flooded with cum and I was fighting to swallow before I gagged. His salty sperm tasted wonderful as I milked his horny cock and I kept sucking and swallowing until his nuts had finally emptied their big load.

Slowly coaxing me off him, I stood up and he sank his tongue in my mouth again. We made out for a while before stopping to pull up our pants and check ourselves in the mirror. Before unlocking the bathroom door he gave me one last lingering kiss and said, "I wish you were a couple years older." Clueless as to how I should respond, I simply smiled and said, "Me too."

When we returned to the party, KC was nowhere to be seen. I was feeling VERY self-conscious (like I had "queer" written across my forehead) and was scared he'd left me there but he came stumbling down the stairs a few minutes later with a smile on his face and a sizable bulge in his pants. I soon found out that he'd been sliding his cock in and out of a wet pussy about the same time I'd had a cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

On our way home that night, KC asked where I'd disappeared with Michael. I lied, "I dragged him in the kitchen, where the keg was." KC laughed and said, "I figured you took him somewhere to let him suck your dick." I felt my face turn red, forcing myself to laugh at his joke then shot back, "Yeah, right. Like I'd let that faggot blow me." KC laughed again, then added, "Hey, that faggot can really suck dick."

What?!! I'll say it again... WHAT?!! Stunned, I asked, "How would you know?" He looked over and shrugged, giving me a half smile, "If some dude wants to swallow my nut, I'm not gonna stop him."

He'd let Michael suck his dick! My cock began getting hard again as I tried to picture my buddy thrusting his stiff dick into another dude's mouth. In all honesty, I was trying to picture him thrusting it into my mouth.

I didn't know it at the time, but in a few weeks I'd be pinned down on his bed with his dick in my mouth.


Donnie said...

I really enjoyed this story about KC and Michael.

Matt said...

I love the title of your blog. It's hilarious and very clever. And this story is hot. I think this is going to be a great blog. Good luck on getting it started. I hope you find it as fun as I have, and that you enjoy it.


redgalaxoid said...

I always laugh at that "I like doing stuff with guys sometimes, and you?" conversation has always made me laugh. It's just sounds like taken out of a porn movie...

I totally related to that feeling of fea/hornyness you feel the first times you hook up with a guy...I liked your story a lot.

J.R. said...

Hot story, bro. I'm jealous!

Hey, I will definitely be checking back to read more.

Anonymous said...

I love the story alot! I had a hard on while reading your story bro!