Monday, July 23, 2007

Brad (Part II)

The next day, Sunday when I arrived at the big yellow banner room for our youth service, things had definitely changed. Brad, slouched in his usual chair, smiled and said "Sup?" and told me to pull up a chair and sit beside him. When Meg came in she and Brad exchanged a brief look, but she slid into a chair next to Sandy. The two girls whispered and giggled together and it occurred to me that Brad was probably fucking them both. Seeing the girls exchange whispers, Brad looked over at me and confirmed my suspicions when a tiny hint of a smile touched his lips.

I had wondered on my first visit why exactly was he part of the group being so much older than everyone else. I now knew why. He was there to get pussy. About the time Mr. Mick showed up, Brad leaned over and asked, "You wanna maybe hang out some time?"

The following week, I found myself sitting in the living room of Brad's small apartment watching three kids from the group (one dude & two chicks) pass a joint between them on the couch as Brad mixed himself another tequila sunrise in the kitchen. Every few moments I could hear a high pitched whimper coming from Brad's bedroom as Meg got a cock pounded into her by one of Brad's non-churchgoing buddies. Things had definitely taken an unexpected turn. Smile.

I had a number of experiences like that at Brad's apartment over the next few weeks until one particular night. The night everything changed. That night, as on previous occasions had started out with several people at the apartment, partying. As a general rule, the kids from church didn't drink but limited their party fun to getting high (they couldn't get away with going home drunk but they could easily pull off going home high.) By the way, Brad didn't get them high, they came over with baggies of weed they'd gotten at school. He didn't corrupt them. They were simply party buddies. That night however, one chick had decided she wanted to try Brad's favorite drink, tequila and orange juice. I can't remember her name, but (for the sake of the story) I'll call her Angel. Angel was quite the piece of work. She was only fifteen years old but was constantly trying to hang all over Brad whenever she came over. She was friends with Meg and Sandy, who both got Brad's cock on occasion, and it was driving her absolutely nuts that he wouldn't give it to her. In our state, seventeen was the legal age of consent, so (even though he wanted to) Brad would never make a move on her.
Angel ended up getting pretty shit faced that night and was, as usual, all over Brad. At one point she was even sitting on his lap, feeling his dick through his pants, while she attempted to coax him into making out with her. Everyone in the group was used to Angel's game and simply laughed it off. Although I was about half wasted, I noticed during the course of the evening that Brad wasn't laughing anymore. Angel was getting him hot. I was making myself a drink in the kitchen when Brad came in and squeezing the half hard bone in his pants whispered to me, "Man, I wanna fuck that little tease." I reminded him that she was serious jail bait and he hesitated for a moment before saying, "You think she'd tell anyone?" Realizing that he was actually considering it, I shot back, "Dude, I think she'd tell EVERYONE." He contemplated that for a moment, casually fondling the lump in his jeans, then sighed, "Yeah, you're probably right."
I'd finished mixing my drink and took a sip as he added, "Maybe she'd give me head."
I looked down and noticed that the lump of dick in his jeans was getting bigger. When I glanced back up he was looking directly at me. I quickly said, "You can't do ANYTHING with her, bro. I mean anything." He simply stared at me for a moment like something had suddenly clicked in his brain then he said, "Maybe you'd give me head." Every muscle in my body locked as a blast of panic hit me. I felt my face getting hot and I hesitated just a second too long before turning away as my mouth said, "Yeah, right."

I should interject something here. I had come out of the closet to myself at that point but hadn't come out to my family or friends yet. I was wrestling with the moral issues of being gay at that time, having been raised in a very strict religious environment, and wasn't ready for anyone to know that I was 'considering' being gay. Even though Brad certainly wasn't a model young Christian, the idea of someone from church knowing that I liked to play around with other dudes was my worst fear. The hesitation in my response had given me away and a smile spread across Brad's face. My head was spinning trying to figure out how to get myself out of the situation, when he glanced over his shoulder to see if anyone was behind him then quietly said, "You like to get freaky?" I'd been expecting him to make some kind of 'queer' remark, so his question caught me off guard. I wasn't sure if he was baiting me, wanting me to admit I was queer so he could broadcast it or if he liked to 'get freaky' himself. When I glanced over at him, he was looking down at my crotch then raised his eyes to meet mine and added, "I can get into it sometimes." Stammering a little, I said, "What do you get into?" He glanced over his shoulder again, then dropped his eyes to my crotch for a second before saying, "I don't know, maybe sucking a little dick now and then." He gave a small, very wicked smile, then added, "What about you?" Although I was scared shitless, I answered, "I'm cool with that." The smile returned to his face and he looked at me for a long moment then said, "Fuck Angel. Fuckin' little jail bait prick tease. You wanna stay for a while tonight and hang out?" Recognizing the proposition, I hesitated for a couple seconds then answered, "If you want to." In a move that surprised me, he eased the glass from my hand and took a sip of my drink, then returned it to me and said, "Yeah, why not." Looking down at my drink, he grimaced and added, "Damn, you mix that shit strong. "
Chuckling, he turned and left the kitchen. I was still suffering from muscle lock and simply stood there wondering if I'd just made a seriously bad mistake. From the living room, I heard Brad say, "Get out of my chair, wench." As I took a swig of my drink, my thoughts drifted to the lump in Brad's pants and getting to touch it. Yeah, sure, I'd hang out. Smile.

A couple hours passed before Sandy (the giggly one,) announced it was time to head home. Within fifteen minutes everyone had piled into her car and left (including Angel, who'd tried her best to coax Brad into letting her stay and hang out.) I don't think I've ever experienced a more nervous moment as those first few minutes that Brad and I were alone together in his apartment that night. If I hadn't been about half wasted, I would've lost my nerve and left. Definitely.

Not sure what to do or how to make the first move, I started gathering glasses in the living room to take into the kitchen. Brad, walking in with a fresh drink in his hand, said, "Man, don't bother with that shit. I'll clean up tomorrow." As I sat down on the couch, he took a long swig of his drink then belched and said, "I gotta go take a piss. I'll be back." When he returned, several minutes later, he was carrying a stack of worn magazines, mostly Playboys. Handing them to me as he sat down, he said, "Wanna check a few of these out?" We looked through the mags for maybe twenty minutes making comments on different pics, when he leaned back on the couch squeezed the stiff bone bulging in his pants and said, "Man, I've got a hard on from hell."

I glanced down at it and chuckled nervously as I watched him unzip his jeans and wrestle it out through his fly. It looked about six inches long, was pretty thick at the head and tapered slightly towards the base. He squeezed it hard by the base and slowly slid his fingers up its length forcing a shiny drop of precum to form at the head. Smearing it around with his index finger, he said, "You horny?" Sitting back against the couch so he could see I had a serious bone in my jeans, I stammered a little, "Yeah." Without a moment's hesitation, he reached over to feel my dick. Chuckling while he squeezed it, he said, "You got a hard on from hell, too." I chuckled and said "yeah" as he began fumbling with my zipper. He encountered some difficulties trying to free my dick so I took over and pulled it out through the fly. He immediately put his hand on it and stroked it for a moment before, without saying a word, leaned over and started sucking it for me. His mouth felt incredible and the idea that I had a dude from church sucking my dick was almost more than I could stand. I couldn't even begin to describe how turned on I was.
His mouth bobbed on my bone for several minutes then he pulled free and stroked it with his hand for a few moments, stopping to suck the precum off my head several times before sitting back to stroke his own a little. Seriously horned up, his voice was low and thick as he looked at my stiff bone and said, "You got a nice dick." I was anxious to get my mouth on his and returned the compliment before leaning over to get a taste of the precum that was streaming down his head. He let out a low groan as my mouth slid down on his raging stiff bone and it wasn't long before he said, "Let's go in the bedroom."

A couple minutes later we were undressing in his room. He had a great body. Although we were about the same height, he had a bigger build and outweighed me by fifteen or twenty pounds. His body wasn't incredibly cut or anything, he didn't work out but it was very solid and didn't have an ounce of fat on it anywhere. Although I was a little nervous about being rather inexperienced in bed, Brad didn't seem to notice or didn't care and it wasn't long before we were naked and he was coaxing me into a position that allowed us to suck each other. He wasn't at all self-conscious about touching another dude's body and explored my ass with his fingers while he ate my horny cock. His bone was streaming precum into my mouth as I pumped it and when I followed his lead and attempted to slide my fingers along the groove of his ass he raised one leg off the bed to make it easier for me to play with his asshole.

For some reason Brad and I seemed to just click in bed from the very beginning. I couldn't begin to count the number of times he took me to the very edge of climax that night then would pull back just in time to keep me from shooting. I know this will probably sound crazy but he could take me to a point where I'd actually cum a little without nutting my entire load. It was amazing and one of the reasons I fell so fuckin' hard for him. That's also the main reason on that night when he asked, "You like it up the ass?" I said, "Yeah." With my legs over his shoulders, Brad fucked my ass harder than I've ever been fucked in my entire life. To top it off, as he pounded his cock into me, a filthy string of talk poured from his mouth, "Yeah, you're my little bitch. Gotta give my little bitch a good fucking. Like that hard cock? Yeah come on, tell me how bad you need cock." Damn! I fuckin' came all over myself before he even got close to shooting his own load. By the time he finally came, I was jacking my cum covered bone and close to my second nut. I probably shouldn't tell you this but he fucked me bareback that night and fuckin' filled my ass with cum.

Afterwards, stretched out beside me on the bed while fondling his softening dick, he chuckled to himself. When I asked what he was thinking about, he smiled and said, "I was just thinking about Mick." Turning to me, he grinned and added, "He'd freak if he knew you and me just finished ass fucking." That thought snapped me out of the afterglow I'd been experiencing, and (as horrible as this sounds) I thought of my mom. I had been wrestling with the idea of telling her I was gay, and my head began to swim a little as the weight of all that 'stuff ' came rushing back to me. It must have been apparent on my face, because Brad asked, "What's wrong?" I shrugged, "Nothing." He looked at me for a moment, then said, "Mr. Mick? Don't worry, I'd never say anything to him." Trying to shake the mood that had dropped over me, I smiled and said, "I know. He'd really freak, though, wouldn't he?" Smiling, Brad chuckled, "Sometimes I think he could use a good ass fucking." I laughed at that as Brad grinned and climbed off the bed, announcing he needed to take a piss then paused to thrust into the air like he was fucking and said, "Yeah, I could give it to him." His half hard bone flopped up and down as he gripped invisible hips and fucked the imaginary ass in front of him. He tossed out several loud groans and whimpered, "Oh yeah, Mick. Your little virgin ass is so tight. I've needed this for so long. Oh, baby." I was laughing my ass off when he finally stopped and left the room, grinning, to thump down the hall towards the bathroom. I was hooked. Smile.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Brad (Part I)

Less than a month after I graduated from high school, my parents separated. Even though growing up I occasionally witnessed fights between them, it was still a real shock the day I came home to find that my mom had moved out. I learned some time later that she'd simply been waiting for the day that her last child was out of school and grown to pack her bags and leave. She didn't waste any time.

When my mom left my father, she also left the church that our family had attended for my entire life and joined a small Baptist church on the other side of town. Although she wasn't a religious zealot or anything, like my father, she did like to attend regular Sunday services.
Those first few months alone were pretty difficult for my mom, so when she asked me to go with her to the new church even though I hadn't been to church in a couple years, well what could I do? It was my mom.

As a side note, I went a little wild during my senior year in high school, partying, and often staying out all night with my best friend, KC. Not only were we partying but during the final few months prior to graduation, I had also started sucking his dick. I think my mom somehow sensed that there was something going on between KC and me, which I have always suspected, is the real reason she asked me to attend church with her. Smile.

When I say the church was small, that's actually overstating it. It wasn't small, it was tiny. There were only around twenty or thirty families in the entire congregation and most them were well into their golden years. When I finally agreed to go with her, mom was thrilled and said, "They have a wonderful youth group." The youth group turned out to be comprised of around a dozen or so kids, between the ages of sixteen and nineteen (and mostly chicks) who were led by a young, but rather dull, youth pastor by the name of Mr. Mick, and his equally dull wife, Ms. Janine. I wanted to die. Smile.

During my first Sunday visit, I was ushered into the small room (in the basement) where the group met each week, which had a big, yellow, plastic banner with the words 'Youth for Christ' in large block letters hung on one wall and introduced by a beaming Mr. Mick to my fellow 'youths.' They looked about as thrilled as I felt. The only person who really made a lasting impression on me that day was an older dude who sat, slouched on a chair, in a far corner. He looked to be in his early twenties, had a head full of unruly, wavy brown hair, dark eyes, a solid build, and struck me as someone who'd rather be anywhere else in the entire world at that moment than sitting in that room. When Mr. Mick pointed a finger at him and told me his name, the dude half raised one hand, and, in a rather bored tone, said, "Howdy."His name was Brad.

That first Sunday goes down in my book, to this day, as the single most boring couple hours of my entire life. When I was finally free of that drab little group of people, I had a serious need to go someplace and listen to loud, Satan inspired, heavy metal. Smile.

I spent the entire week that followed trying to come up with a way out of returning to that church. To my absolute horror, at some point during the previous Sunday's services, my mom had noticed several girls making eyes at me. She was thrilled and couldn't wait for next Sunday to arrive. I began looking for painless ways to kill myself. Smile.

When I walked into the little room with the big, yellow, plastic banner that Sunday, I was gritting my teeth. They were all there again, looking bored and disinterested as they waited for Mr. Mick to arrive and the only person who even acknowledged me was a chick named Sandy. She was eighteen years old (same age as me) and the only 'youth' in the group who was upbeat, outgoing, and openly friendly. She talked very fast, giggled a lot, and I ended up sitting next to her. Brad slouched in the same chair as before, in the same corner, didn't say 'howdy' that day, but gave me a brief look that fell somewhere between sizing me up and checking me out. It wasn't sexual but struck me more as his taking a quick mental inventory of what equipment I had brought with me to the game. It suddenly occurred to me, I was the visiting team. The competition. I was contemplating that thought when Mr. Mick and Ms. Janine arrived, several minutes later. After our little youth service, Mr. Mick brought up the subject of organizing a car wash for the following weekend, to help raise money for some sort of teen outing for the group. Oh, joy. Smile.

Sure enough, despite having attempted to get out of it, the following Saturday found me in the church parking lot, holding a large, wet sponge, waiting for the kids who were standing along the street, holding up signs that announced our car wash, to wave down another victim. During a playful water fight, the signs had accidentally been hit with the hose and were quickly becoming illegible, so Mr. Mick asked Brad and a chick named Meg to go inside and make new ones. When a large pickup with a topper pulled in for a quick wash, Mr. Mick, beaming as always, looked at me and said, "Run and get Brad and Meg. We're gonna need their help with this one! "He was just too damned cheerful. Glad to be free of my sponge for a few minutes, I crossed the parking lot and slipped into the church through a side entrance. It was completely empty (and quiet) as I passed through the rear lobby and hit the stairs. Reaching the basement, I walked down the narrow hallway, which had doors leading to various Sunday school classrooms along each side, until I reached the big yellow banner room. The door was closed, but the light was on, so I didn't think twice before turning the knob. Boy, did I get a surprise.

There was a large folding table at the front of the room, with several pieces of poster board and a number of markers on it and, on the floor beside it, Brad was fucking Meg. His pants were pushed down just enough to show his ass, and Meg's skinny little legs were sticking out on either side of him (she was only around seventeen years old,) bouncing in the air as Brad humped his bone into her. Damn! My eyes locked on his ass, pumping back and forth, for a split second before his head spun around and he growled, "Man... get the fuck outta here."

Shocked, I stammered "sorry" and quickly backed out of the room and closed the door. Standing in the hallway, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't return to the parking lot without them so I walked halfway down the hall and leaned against the wall to wait. It was only a couple minutes before the door opened and Brad stepped into the hallway looking for me. Coming down the hall to join me, with his hands jammed into his pants pockets, I couldn't help but notice the hard lump of dick standing up in his jeans. Meg remained out of sight as he approached me, trying to act calm and casual, smiled a rather conspiratorial smile and said, "You caught me gettin' a little action." Smile broadening, he motioned towards the room with his head and quickly added, "You wanna get in on it?" Terrified that Mr. Mick would show up to see what was taking so long, I stammered, "No, that's okay." Glancing over my shoulder at the stairs for a moment, I added, "They sent me to get you guys." The smiled disappeared from his face and a brief look of fear flashed across it for a second before he said, "Yeah. We should probably get back." He looked me dead in the eyes for a moment, then stammered a little himself as he said, "You're not gonna say anything... are you?" I quickly shook my head and answered, "no." A look of relief swept over his face as he began backing down the hall and said, "Thanks." Nodding towards the stairs, he added, "Go ahead. We'll be there in a minute. "He started to turn, then stopped and said, "Uh, sorry about what I said earlier when you came in."

Before turning to continue down the hall, I saw his eyes drop to look at my crotch for a split second, then he turned and quickly disappeared into the room. At that point, I got the hell out of there. Since this is getting pretty long, I'm going to break it down. Consider this the end of two parts. Smile.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Doing KC

Here's the story about the first time my buddy, KC, and I played around. This happened just a couple months before we graduated.

KC's worst subject was English and (since it was my best) I often ended up writing his papers for him. We usually studied at his house, which means I'd work on our homework while he talked on the phone with some chick or shot hoops with wads of paper into the trash. KC wasn't the least bit self-conscious and would often change clothes in front of me or even study in his underwear. It drove me crazy! I'd always try and sneak a look at the bulge in his underwear and he seemed to ALWAYS catch me looking. One night I was supposed to be helping him write a paper but, as usual, I was pretty much just writing it for him. His parents weren't home that night and he was only wearing a pair of orange, nylon running shorts. The kind with mesh lining inside. Anyway, I was sitting at the desk in his room, writing his paper, and he was sitting in a chair beside it. He was slid down in the chair, bored, tossing a pencil up in the air, then catching it.

Toss. Catch. Toss. Catch.

The way he was slid down in the chair made his shorts ride up and his soft dick was perfectly outlined through the nylon. I remember he had it pushed to the left, and it was laying against his leg. I was having a terrible time concentrating on writing that damned paper! At one point, while I was trying to write, I saw him reach down and adjust his dick out of the corner of my eye. A couple minutes later I risked glancing over at his crotch. His dick had gotten about half hard and was bulging through his shorts like crazy. In my quick glance, I could make out the fat head and the thick ridge that ran along the bottom. I started getting hard immediately!

Of course with my luck, he busted me checking him out. He stopped tossing the pencil and pushed down on his bone, half grinning, "Guess I'm a little horny. " I know my face was red but I tried to laugh and turn my attention back to the paper. He went back to tossing the pencil then stopped a couple minutes later and pushed down on his cock again. I tried not to, but couldn't help but glance over. His dick had gotten almost completely hard and was trying to stand up. The tight mesh lining in the shorts wouldn't let it but it had lifted off his leg and was straining through the shorts like crazy. I was so fucking horny! He laughed when he caught me looking, then said, "Damn, dude, you got a thing for my dick, or what?" Of course I said, "no."

My face was hot as hell and I was forcing myself to stare at the paper. From the corner of my eye I could see he was rubbing the head of his dick as he grinned and said, "Wanna take a break and suck it for me real quick?" I shot him a smart ass comment that ended in "you queer!" He gave up and went back to tossing the pencil. From the corner of my eye I could see his dick throbbing up and down through his shorts. My bone was rock-fucking-hard and I kept myself slid forward in the chair so he couldn't see it.

At that point I wasn't even seeing the paper in front of me and all I could think about was how much I wanted to touch his boner. He finally got tired of tossing the pencil and stood up, stretching beside me. As he stretched, he pushed his hips forward and his cock stood out like a piece of steel pipe through the shorts. He turned and stood beside me, looking down at the paper, bumping his cock against my shoulder a couple times while he made comments on my writing. Without any warning, he stepped back and pointed down at my crotch and laughed, "You're just as fucking horny as I am, you prick!"

He'd noticed the bulge in my jeans! I was in a total panic that he'd busted me with a boner. He laughed and pretended to make a grab for my dick so I pushed away from him and ended up tipping over in the chair and falling on the floor. He stood over me, laughing, and pulled his cock out through the leg of his shorts. Even though I'd seen his boner before, it looked bigger than I remembered. The head looked huge! Holding it by the base with two fingers, he shook it (making it bounce up and down) and said, "Wanna get a quick nut? " Before giving me a chance to say anything, he added, "You think if we catch a nut together that makes us fags? It don't." I was scared shitless! He kept going, "Fag's fuck each other in the ass." I was STILL scared shitless! "You don't want to fuck me in the ass, do you? " I managed to stammer, "no." He continued, "See... then you're not a fag, and I'm definitely not a fag."

He offered me his hand and helped me up, then went on for a few minutes about how we weren't "fags" if we were horny and just "caught a quick nut" together. I made a few weak excuses but he kept after me until I sat down beside him on the bed. He untangled his bone from his shorts and pushed them down to his knees then leaned back on his elbows. His cock was standing almost straight up, jumping with each beat of his heart. I'd been fantasizing about that moment for SO long, but I was still scared shitless. "Go ahead, dude, jerk it a little for me," he said.

I finally got up the nerve and put my hand around it. It was warm and hard as fuck. I just held onto it, not believing I was ACTUALLY touching KC's dick... KC's very HARD dick! "Come on, bro, jerk it for me," he demanded.

I started jacking him off and he dropped from his elbows down on the bed and closed his eyes. Every couple minutes he'd say "that feels good" and I began getting off on it. I started jacking him faster and he reached down and slowed my hand. "Not too fast, bro. Just do it nice and slow." A few minutes later he sat back up on his elbows and said, "Why don't you suck on it a little for me. "

At that point, scared as I was, I was ready. I leaned over and put my mouth on his bone. His big head was covered in pre-cum and it tasted slick and salty. I loved the taste of him. I snuck in the opportunity to play with his nuts a little and he let out a long sigh and laid back on the bed. Enjoying the unexpected suck job it wasn't long before he put his hand on the back of my head and asked, "Can I let it shoot in your mouth?"

I didn't stop but nodded and kept sliding my mouth up and down. A couple minutes later he groaned and said, "Here it comes, bro. " Almost immediately, his cock flexed and I felt the first spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth. He groaned and squirmed on the bed, holding my head on his dick as I gagged and choked trying to swallow his thick, salty load. He finally finished, released my head and moaned that it felt good. I took my mouth off his dick and jacked it a little more, watching a few drops of cum run down the side. I remember the slick feeling inside my mouth from his cum and that I had tears running down my cheeks from gagging trying to swallow it all.

He very casually sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled his shorts back up, tucking his wet cock back inside and said we should probably get back to work on the paper. He never mentioned anything about me getting a turn. I didn't really care. I just wanted to go home and have a good, long jack session thinking about sucking his dick! I'd just sucked off my buddy's dick!

That's the first experience I had with KC. After that night, he almost always got hard during our 'study sessions,' and would end up asking, "You feel like catching a quick nut?"

I usually did. Smile.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Naked Celebrity Weekend

His eyes were liquid,
I drowned each time I saw him.
He is straight, straight, straight........

Sean Lamont Pix ~ Haiku

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Out Of The Closet

This happened while I was a senior in high school and pretty much marks the moment I came out of the closet. I dated girls all through high school (yes, I even fucked a few!) and kept my fantasies about other guys a total secret.

My best friend was a dude named KC. We played sports together in school, double dated a lot, and he even taught me how to drink (although I was never wild about it.) KC was a total maniac. He loved to party, drive fast and reckless, get into all kinds of mischief, and he LOVED to fuck pussy.

Always looking for someone to buy alcohol for him, KC had met a guy by the name of Michael outside a liquor store one night. Michael had been happy to help him out and they actually ended up becoming casual friends. Michael was 21 years old and a college student. It wasn't long before KC found himself invited to several college parties and, soon after, I was hearing about all the college pussy he was getting.

Not long after that, KC and I were hanging out in his room one night, doing homework, when he talked about wanting to get some liquor. I didn't want any but he was determined to get smashed. A little jealous of his new "friendship" with Michael, I made a sarcastic remark, "I guess you'd better call your booze buddy, Michael."

KC informed me that Michael was NOT his buddy. He tried to change the subject but I hounded him to tell me what had happened between him and his 'new' buddy. He gave me a look and said, "He's a fag."

What a shock and not at all what I'd been expecting him to say! Suddenly, even more interested, I pressed him for details. Apparently, at one of their big college parties, while they were both wasted, Michael had asked KC if he wanted to go someplace and fool around. I'll never forget the look on KC's face when he told me, "The dude wanted to suck my dick. "

KC didn't know it, but (secretly) so did I. Smile. Now, although he didn't like hanging out with Michael anymore, the "fag" was his only ticket to attend college parties (where he could fuck drunk college pussy) so he forced himself to remain just friendly enough with Michael to keep getting invited to the parties.

Of course, the problem with remaining friendly with Michael is that he took it as a sign that, deep down, KC was interested in fooling around with him. At parties, he'd follow KC around like a love sick puppy. It drove KC absolutely nuts because he couldn't do any serious tail chasing with Michael constantly standing right beside him. That's when, somehow, KC managed to talk me into going with him to a party one night.

I'd met Michael on several occasions and although I didn't like being played by KC just so he could get some pussy, I secretly didn't mind the idea of getting to spend time with Michael. He was tall, slender, had blonde hair and blue eyes, a nice smile and was very outgoing and friendly. Besides that, I'd sneaked a few peeks at his crotch and it looked like he had a pretty nice one.

The party was at some dude's house whose parents were out of town. It was a big, two story colonial, with lots of bedrooms, lots of bathrooms and that night, lots of loud music and drunk college kids. Keeping Michael away from KC proved more difficult than I'd anticipated and I found myself having to play the ace up my sleeve. It was a big risk but after prying Michael away from KC for a few minutes, I got him in a somewhat secluded corner and said, "KC told me that you like to do things with other dudes."

A look of panic flashed across his face for a split second but seeing I wasn't being confrontational, it disappeared and his eyes dropped to my crotch for a brief moment. Glancing back up he said, "Sometimes. Why, do you?" Scared half out of my wits, I stammered, "Sometimes." He gave me a half smile, then said, "Sometimes... like tonight? "

We stood in that corner and talked for quite a while until he finally asked, "Do you feel like... going somewhere?" Suddenly wondering what I was getting myself into, I stammered, "Like where?" He glanced to his right, up the long staircase to the second floor and smiled, "I bet we could find someplace private."

Ten minutes later I was standing in a small bathroom, off the parent's bedroom, with my jeans around my knees and Michael sucking my cock. I was scared and incredibly turned on all at the same time and found myself grabbing Michael's head and hornily thrusting my rock hard bone into his mouth. Michael fought not to gag as I eagerly fucked his throat. Finally pulling off, he stood up, wiping drool from his mouth, and said, "We don't have to hurry. The door's locked, and no one is supposed to even be in his parent's room. So let's slow down a little, okay?"

Although I hadn't been trying to hurry (just horny,) I said "okay" and let him snuggle against me and kiss my neck. I rubbed his stiff cock through his pants (which was rock hard and sticking out like crazy) as he worked his way up to my mouth. I'd never been kissed by another dude before but I found myself sucking on his tongue as it slipped into my mouth. He groaned and closed his arms around my waist, and I could feel my hard cock rubbing against his as we made out for a few minutes.

Scared but excited, I slowly pulled free and looked down as I unfastened his belt and undid his jeans. The moment they were unzipped, his stiff boner pushed out bulging through his boxers and I carefully let his jeans slide to his knees. He kissed me again before I slid the boxers down, freeing his hard, thick cock and then closed a hand around it. It was about 7 inches long, quite thick, very smooth and had a slight curve to the right. It was surrounded by whispy blonde hair and I thought it was the most beautiful dick I'd ever seen.

After another long kiss, I slowly eased him back and dropped to my knees. I began by lifting his stiff dick and slowly tonguing his big nuts. They were soft and warm and I let my mouth move over them, licking and gently sucking each one. Michael was holding his shirt up, out of the way, and let out a small sigh as I nursed on his smooth balls.

Anxious to try sucking on a dick, I finally slid my tongue up the thick ridge along the bottom of his shaft until my mouth closed on his head. It felt amazing in my mouth, soft and smooth, yet rigid and firm all at the same time. I let the tip of my tongue slip into his piss slit for a moment before I couldn't resist sliding down to try and take his length. His cock was rock hard, and I was a little too eager, gagging several times as his head reached the back of my throat. Once again, he said, "Slow down, dude. Just take your time."

Feeling like an inexperienced idiot, I tried to heed his advice. Giving up on swallowing his entire bone, I began slowly stroking his horny dick with my mouth. He groaned quietly and said "that feels good." I reached down to play with his nuts and discovered they'd drawn up tightly under his cock. I fingered the thick tire tread across his snug balls as I worked on his meaty bone, pumping faster, anxious to make him cum.

After several minutes my jaw began to ache and I released him for a moment to rest my mouth. Not giving me a chance to return to my job, he coaxed me to my feet and buried his tongue in my mouth again. I felt his hand stroking my cock, looking down to see he was holding our stiff dicks together, slowly stroking them both with one hand. I'd never seen that before and seeing our hard cocks rubbing together, I felt the cum begin to churn in my nuts.

Scared to tell him I was about to shoot, I let him kiss me and tried not to think about our stiff dicks being stroked together. It didn't work. Unable to fight it, I pulled out of the kiss and warned him, "If you don't stop, I'm gonna cum."

He looked down at my horny dick then smiled and kissed me again as he continued stroking. I fought to hold it back as long as I could but it was beyond my control and I found myself suddenly moaning as cum blasted from my cock and shot all over his hip. He pulled back, smiling, and looked down as my dick flexed and jumped in his hand, streams of jizz spurting against him. He released his own cock and closed his hand around mine to milk the sperm from my nuts.

When he'd drained my load, he gave my dick one last pull, coaxing the final strings of cum onto his hand then carefully stepped to the sink and rinsed his hand off. He pulled a long sheet of bathroom tissue off the roll and wiped my cum off his leg then flushed it before dropping to his knees and sucking my dick clean. When he stood back up and kissed me, I could taste my cum in his mouth, and desperately wanted to suck on his dick some more.

I finally pulled away (he sure liked to kiss!) and slid down to my knees again as he leaned against the sink. His head was covered in precum and I let my tongue savor the taste as I licked it off and sank down on his hard shaft. Horny and anxious to get his nut, I felt Michael's hands on my head as he began slowly thrusting into my mouth. After a couple minutes, my jaw began to ache again and he whispered, "Don't try so hard. Just relax your mouth."

Following his instructions, I relaxed my jaw and lightly grasped his cock with my lips as he slowly increased the speed of his thrusts. Before long he was groaning quietly, "Yeah. That's it. Just a little more. "

A few seconds later I felt a shot of cum hit the back of my throat as he moaned and stopped thrusting. Within seconds I felt a second shot, then a third, and eagerly worked to swallow his thick, warm load. Before long my throat was flooded with cum and I was fighting to swallow before I gagged. His salty sperm tasted wonderful as I milked his horny cock and I kept sucking and swallowing until his nuts had finally emptied their big load.

Slowly coaxing me off him, I stood up and he sank his tongue in my mouth again. We made out for a while before stopping to pull up our pants and check ourselves in the mirror. Before unlocking the bathroom door he gave me one last lingering kiss and said, "I wish you were a couple years older." Clueless as to how I should respond, I simply smiled and said, "Me too."

When we returned to the party, KC was nowhere to be seen. I was feeling VERY self-conscious (like I had "queer" written across my forehead) and was scared he'd left me there but he came stumbling down the stairs a few minutes later with a smile on his face and a sizable bulge in his pants. I soon found out that he'd been sliding his cock in and out of a wet pussy about the same time I'd had a cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

On our way home that night, KC asked where I'd disappeared with Michael. I lied, "I dragged him in the kitchen, where the keg was." KC laughed and said, "I figured you took him somewhere to let him suck your dick." I felt my face turn red, forcing myself to laugh at his joke then shot back, "Yeah, right. Like I'd let that faggot blow me." KC laughed again, then added, "Hey, that faggot can really suck dick."

What?!! I'll say it again... WHAT?!! Stunned, I asked, "How would you know?" He looked over and shrugged, giving me a half smile, "If some dude wants to swallow my nut, I'm not gonna stop him."

He'd let Michael suck his dick! My cock began getting hard again as I tried to picture my buddy thrusting his stiff dick into another dude's mouth. In all honesty, I was trying to picture him thrusting it into my mouth.

I didn't know it at the time, but in a few weeks I'd be pinned down on his bed with his dick in my mouth.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Flickr Friday

He's only a friend,
I keep saying to myself.
He's only a friend.

Flickr Pix ~ Haiku

Monday, May 7, 2007


My best friend in high school, KC, and I both played football and during our senior year he was dating a cheerleader. When we had out of town games, the entire team along with the support crew and cheerleaders, would all ride to the game together in a school bus. After one particular game on the way home, my buddy, his girlfriend and I were sitting in the last row on the bus. I was in a seat by myself and they were across the aisle sitting together.

Everyone was in a good mood, we'd won the game and most of the people ahead of us were all laughing and chatting noisily. It seemed like everyone was talking at once and I was having a good time watching. In the middle of the chaos, I glanced over and said something to KC. He ignored me. To get his attention, I leaned over and punched him in the arm... hard!

After another moment of ignoring me, he slowly turned and gave me a sharp look. I was confused until he motioned for me to look down. When I dropped my eyes, I noticed he had his letter jacket across his lap. He lifted it just enough for me to see there was a hand pumping his hard cock under the jacket. His girlfriend was giving him a handjob! Damn! I got hard instantly!

I felt panic sweep over me and quickly looked up to see if anyone was noticing. No on was. They were all too busy talking about the game. When I glanced back over, he'd lowered the jacket and was staring straight ahead. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him and every so often I'd see the jacket move as his cock got stroked beneath it. Eventually his mouth opened and he leaned back bracing one hand on the seat in front of him and I knew he was shooting his load. He didn't make any noise but I saw his mouth forming a silent groan and his eyes closed for a couple of moments as he finished emptying his nuts into the jacket.

After they finished, he reached under the coat and tucked his cock back in his pants and rolled up the jacket. He glanced over at me and smiled then leaned over and gave his girlfriend a long kiss. That night, in bed, I fantasized about my buddy and jacked off several times.

That incident also left me with some serious fantasies about playing around with him. I have a couple more stories about him, but will save those for the future.