Thursday, June 21, 2007

Doing KC

Here's the story about the first time my buddy, KC, and I played around. This happened just a couple months before we graduated.

KC's worst subject was English and (since it was my best) I often ended up writing his papers for him. We usually studied at his house, which means I'd work on our homework while he talked on the phone with some chick or shot hoops with wads of paper into the trash. KC wasn't the least bit self-conscious and would often change clothes in front of me or even study in his underwear. It drove me crazy! I'd always try and sneak a look at the bulge in his underwear and he seemed to ALWAYS catch me looking. One night I was supposed to be helping him write a paper but, as usual, I was pretty much just writing it for him. His parents weren't home that night and he was only wearing a pair of orange, nylon running shorts. The kind with mesh lining inside. Anyway, I was sitting at the desk in his room, writing his paper, and he was sitting in a chair beside it. He was slid down in the chair, bored, tossing a pencil up in the air, then catching it.

Toss. Catch. Toss. Catch.

The way he was slid down in the chair made his shorts ride up and his soft dick was perfectly outlined through the nylon. I remember he had it pushed to the left, and it was laying against his leg. I was having a terrible time concentrating on writing that damned paper! At one point, while I was trying to write, I saw him reach down and adjust his dick out of the corner of my eye. A couple minutes later I risked glancing over at his crotch. His dick had gotten about half hard and was bulging through his shorts like crazy. In my quick glance, I could make out the fat head and the thick ridge that ran along the bottom. I started getting hard immediately!

Of course with my luck, he busted me checking him out. He stopped tossing the pencil and pushed down on his bone, half grinning, "Guess I'm a little horny. " I know my face was red but I tried to laugh and turn my attention back to the paper. He went back to tossing the pencil then stopped a couple minutes later and pushed down on his cock again. I tried not to, but couldn't help but glance over. His dick had gotten almost completely hard and was trying to stand up. The tight mesh lining in the shorts wouldn't let it but it had lifted off his leg and was straining through the shorts like crazy. I was so fucking horny! He laughed when he caught me looking, then said, "Damn, dude, you got a thing for my dick, or what?" Of course I said, "no."

My face was hot as hell and I was forcing myself to stare at the paper. From the corner of my eye I could see he was rubbing the head of his dick as he grinned and said, "Wanna take a break and suck it for me real quick?" I shot him a smart ass comment that ended in "you queer!" He gave up and went back to tossing the pencil. From the corner of my eye I could see his dick throbbing up and down through his shorts. My bone was rock-fucking-hard and I kept myself slid forward in the chair so he couldn't see it.

At that point I wasn't even seeing the paper in front of me and all I could think about was how much I wanted to touch his boner. He finally got tired of tossing the pencil and stood up, stretching beside me. As he stretched, he pushed his hips forward and his cock stood out like a piece of steel pipe through the shorts. He turned and stood beside me, looking down at the paper, bumping his cock against my shoulder a couple times while he made comments on my writing. Without any warning, he stepped back and pointed down at my crotch and laughed, "You're just as fucking horny as I am, you prick!"

He'd noticed the bulge in my jeans! I was in a total panic that he'd busted me with a boner. He laughed and pretended to make a grab for my dick so I pushed away from him and ended up tipping over in the chair and falling on the floor. He stood over me, laughing, and pulled his cock out through the leg of his shorts. Even though I'd seen his boner before, it looked bigger than I remembered. The head looked huge! Holding it by the base with two fingers, he shook it (making it bounce up and down) and said, "Wanna get a quick nut? " Before giving me a chance to say anything, he added, "You think if we catch a nut together that makes us fags? It don't." I was scared shitless! He kept going, "Fag's fuck each other in the ass." I was STILL scared shitless! "You don't want to fuck me in the ass, do you? " I managed to stammer, "no." He continued, "See... then you're not a fag, and I'm definitely not a fag."

He offered me his hand and helped me up, then went on for a few minutes about how we weren't "fags" if we were horny and just "caught a quick nut" together. I made a few weak excuses but he kept after me until I sat down beside him on the bed. He untangled his bone from his shorts and pushed them down to his knees then leaned back on his elbows. His cock was standing almost straight up, jumping with each beat of his heart. I'd been fantasizing about that moment for SO long, but I was still scared shitless. "Go ahead, dude, jerk it a little for me," he said.

I finally got up the nerve and put my hand around it. It was warm and hard as fuck. I just held onto it, not believing I was ACTUALLY touching KC's dick... KC's very HARD dick! "Come on, bro, jerk it for me," he demanded.

I started jacking him off and he dropped from his elbows down on the bed and closed his eyes. Every couple minutes he'd say "that feels good" and I began getting off on it. I started jacking him faster and he reached down and slowed my hand. "Not too fast, bro. Just do it nice and slow." A few minutes later he sat back up on his elbows and said, "Why don't you suck on it a little for me. "

At that point, scared as I was, I was ready. I leaned over and put my mouth on his bone. His big head was covered in pre-cum and it tasted slick and salty. I loved the taste of him. I snuck in the opportunity to play with his nuts a little and he let out a long sigh and laid back on the bed. Enjoying the unexpected suck job it wasn't long before he put his hand on the back of my head and asked, "Can I let it shoot in your mouth?"

I didn't stop but nodded and kept sliding my mouth up and down. A couple minutes later he groaned and said, "Here it comes, bro. " Almost immediately, his cock flexed and I felt the first spurt of cum hit the roof of my mouth. He groaned and squirmed on the bed, holding my head on his dick as I gagged and choked trying to swallow his thick, salty load. He finally finished, released my head and moaned that it felt good. I took my mouth off his dick and jacked it a little more, watching a few drops of cum run down the side. I remember the slick feeling inside my mouth from his cum and that I had tears running down my cheeks from gagging trying to swallow it all.

He very casually sat up on the edge of the bed and pulled his shorts back up, tucking his wet cock back inside and said we should probably get back to work on the paper. He never mentioned anything about me getting a turn. I didn't really care. I just wanted to go home and have a good, long jack session thinking about sucking his dick! I'd just sucked off my buddy's dick!

That's the first experience I had with KC. After that night, he almost always got hard during our 'study sessions,' and would end up asking, "You feel like catching a quick nut?"

I usually did. Smile.


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